Despite her young age, Grêmio Botafogo Football Club is a team that collects conquests, glories accustomed to. The successive triumphs are difficult year in which the Botafogo has not stood out in any competition.

At first it was more costly, the alvinegro was meeting, was in training, needed rapport. Later, under the firm grip and psychology coach Airton Oliveira, the "Cooker" pegged to the titles and victories.

In 1974 came his first conquest, when anointed themselves champions of the Tournament Spring Cup Guaianases.

Team Botafogo posed for the photo.

In 1976, bicampeões were the same tournament, and in 1978, tri.
In 1980, Botafogo was present at the Rooster Challenge, a competition sponsored by Rede Record.
The team of aspiring alvinegro did a great Cup campaign Ermelino Matarazzo, 1982, when he was champion.

Again, in 1984, Botafogo participates in the Rooster Challenge.
In 1986, they almost got there. But a defeat for FC XI Cousins, Ipiranga, the Championship final Varzeano São Paulo - FPF, postponed the dream team. The event featured live TV Bandeirantes, on national television, and TV Cultura. The runner-up was glorious.
In Varzeano Championship the following year, got a third. That same year, participated in the Challenge of the Super Rooster and Rooster, both promoted by Rede Record.
In 1987, Nelson Cup Champion War, fought in the old Field Corinthians Aricanduva (current piscinão) in which the team faced the dreaded time of the CA Paulistano Garden Coimbra, inconstentavel win by 4 x 1
In 1989, the team achieved great victories. Was:

* Third place undefeated Concretex Cup (by sheer luck, were disqualified in the currency).
Rated for the Tournament of Champions "The Sports Gazette", losing on penalties by 4-3 to Club Argentino.

Champion Varzeano São Paulo - FPF, winning the GR Michelle, Sabrina Village. In spectacular game held at the National Field (Kaiser Arena) with the presence of a large audience which ended in 1x1 and 4x3 later in fee title and the club won unprecedented.
 Champion Team standing: Nilsão, Pitoco, Niquinha, Zoião, Cigar, Elisha, Fumio, Paraiba, Airton (technical), and Batista Tonho (director). Cowering: Enio, Ivonilson, Neguitinho, Edinho, Badega, Ge, Bel, and Marcelo. Lard (masseur) and Leivinha Guardinha (director)

The winning streak continued in 1990 for Botafogo. This year, the team was:

* Rated for selective Super Rooster.
* Contestant Michelle Cup (disqualified on goal)
* Invited to play in the 1st South American Amateur Soccer League.
* Cup Champion Black Power.

The star continues to shine Botafogo: Time's Cup champion Black Power 1990.

Botafogo FC Grêmio won the title of Bi-Amateur Champion, sponsored and conducted by the FPF In Canindé Stadium, won the Paulistano Athletic Club, the Garden Coimbra on penalties after a 1-1 draw in normal time.
The team got better in the game, touching the ball well and dominating the midfield. After 20 minutes Badega is fouled inside the area, suffering a penalty. He even knocks and opens the scoring: Botafogo 1-0.
The Paulistano however, is not dead. At 34 minutes after a free kick by Neno, the defense of failure and Botafogo Nego crossover hits, making a beautiful goal and tying the game.
More excitement in penalties. The first goals are scored. Then Tatuí errs by Paulistano, Paraíba wastes at Bota; Chiquinho also can not score and Marcelo does not convert to Botafogo; Sapeiro and finally kicks out, Elisha mark the winning goal and the title of champion of Botafogo.

One of the attractions of this trio was the final arbitration: José Aparecido de Oliveira, Mauro Garcia Edi Detófoli and Daniel Fernandes had worked in deciding the Brazilian title in 1990, days before, and Corínthians between São Paulo and whistled with correction, the grand finale Amateur Championship.

Botafogo: Gershon played with (Elisha); Edinho, Mark, Ernie (John) and Aloisio; Ivonilson, Bel and Fumio (Paraíba); Badega, Ge (Nitinho) and Marcelo. Technical: Airton Oliveira;
The Paulistano: played with Decius; Betinho, Chico (Tom), Balloon and Val; Neno, Nego (Adalbert) and Sapeiro; Tatuí Chiquinho and Marquinho (David). Coach: Joe Day
In 1991, led to the bi-Guaianases League Cup Black Power. In the decision, the Metropolitan played in FC field in the neighborhood of Ipiranga, the Bota won the cup by defeating penalty shootout in the team's XI Boys FC of Vila Formosa, by 3-2, after opening tie without counting time normal. 
Bi Cup Champion Team Black Power,
Standing; Airton (technical), Maurinho, Enio, Cigar, Zoião, Paraiba, Nest, Edinho and Crazy John
Cowering: Leivinha, Clodoaldo, Bel, Zé Roberto, Marcelo, Ge, and Badega Ivonilson

Team 1993, The Cup Champion Sports Gazette / Kaiser. In outline, the stars revealed by Botafogo: Gilson and Roger.

In 1993, it was time Cup Sports Gazette / Kaiser register the name of Botafogo in his gallery campeões.Com a team responsible for all technical Airton recast the glorious managed to reach another final. The game, held at the Olympic Center Stadium Ibirapuera, was exciting. Botafogo won the title after winning on penalties by 7-6, the Mischievous Kid's Vila Guarani, after drawing 1-1 in normal time.

Botafogo not only took the cup and had the best scorer and goalkeeper least leaked League. The striker Renato took the trophy for leading the artillery with 4 goals. The experienced goalkeeper Gershon, who has passed for Corinthians, Guarani and Portuguesa Santista, was scheduled to defend the goal from the boot. Throughout the competition, conceding just one goal.

Another highlight of this championship team was midfielder Rogério, which pleased the Secretary of Sports and then president of the Portuguese, Arnaldo Faria de Sa.
Botafogo won the title with the following formation: Gershom Romildo, Cigar, Edinho and Jair; said, Carioca and Roger; Gilson, Marcelinho and Renato. Substitutes: Mazinho, Ronaldinho, Charlie, Julian, and Carioquinha Róger.

The alvinegro did a great Cup campaign Kaiser / Seme 1996: Reached fourth place and still took Guaianases the Fair Play Trophy.

Time, runner-up of Copa Guaianases 1997, posed for posterity.

Players exhibit the proud deserved trophy.

In 1997, the Lone Star team lifted the cup Cup champion Botafogo / Kaiser, was a great champion match against Ajax FC of Vila Rica, this game that packed the dependencies of the CDM Gerdy Gomes Jardim Sao Pedro in Guaianases, the score was 1-0 to Botafogo. And also was runner-up Cup Guaianases.

In the same year, won the title of 3rd Cup Kaiser / Seme Football League, considered the largest amateur sports competition in the country's team won the championship by defeating the team of Cohab Greater Joy (MAC), the Cidade Tiradentes, by 2-1, in a match held at the Estadio Icaro de Castro Mello, in Ibirapuera.

The team began attacking the MAC, pushed by their fans. The lateral Emerson created the best danger to the goalkeeper Elisha. Seven minutes into the second half, Gildo opens the scoring for Botafogo, doing head, a beautiful goal after a free kick. The second goal of the match was converted by Clodoaldo after the big move of André top scorer with 17 goals, in the 35th minute. The MAC decreased the scoring after 38 minutes with Bean, but had no strength to draw and shoot out the cause.

The conquest of boots was not just because of the competence of a youth team and tough with a lot of discipline and determination. It was also a victory for persistence, the result of a careful and dedicated work.

As soon as the referee whistled the end Geraldo Hirose decision, thousands of fans started a big party, until Guaianases Ibirapuera motorcade with dozens of buses and hundreds of cars celebrating the great achievement.

Botafogo was the field with: Elisha; Nei, White, Luciano and Everton; Vágner, Ronaldo (Messiah), and Andrew (Marcelo), Rogerio (Sandro) (Ricardo), Clodoaldo (Tuquinha) and Gildo. Technical: Airton Oliveira.

MAC Cidade Tiradentes: Alex, Noah, Leandro, Cal and Emerson (Pepper); Marcão, Cirão (Small) and Testa; Luquinha, skirt steak (Boy) and Beans. Coach: Carlos Prates.

In the following years the club has had good participation in the championships that played, but in the 2004 Copa Kaiser almost reached the title but was halfway in the semi-final when they lost to a strong team of AG Timbers 1-0 and then came 4th place.

In the same year played the Metropolitan Cup and again played the final of the JV Capital to face Napoli in the Village Industrial disputed match held in the Campo da Vila Maria Flamengo equalized in 1x1 (Goal Gildo) and emerged victorious on penalties by 6x5. The Technical climbed Airton: Chaka, Andre, Ricardo, and Vaguinho Everton, Val, Lindo, Indio (Feint), and Altimar (Bahia), Poti and Gildo (Marquinhos)

Lance's Final Capital Botafogo x Napoli, Val, Everton and goalkeeper Altimar Thaca
Then would play the final and faced the general EC Agua Santa Diadema, in Parque São Jorge (Estadio do Corinthians) and Botafogo fans attended Mass with thousands of fans (about 3,000 fans) in normal time ended at 2-2 (Goals , Lindo and Gildo) after being losing 2-0 on penalties and lost by 4x3.O Coach Airton climbed: Chaka, Teo (Vitor), André (Lindo), Marquinhos and Everton, Val (Feint), Indio, Altimar and Gildo (Tiaguinho) Tilico (Bahia) and Poti.
Photo posada team champion Vice General, Parque São Jorge
                                         Lance Match

In 2006 again participate in the Metropolitan Cup Botafogo not perdou and took two more titles to Guaianases on stage capital faced the dreaded Lions JV team Geolândia (V. Medeiros) of ace Elias ex-Corinthians, the Brazilian team, Atletico Madrid , and won 1-0 (Goal Marquinhos) and was crowned Champion of Bi-Capital, the National (Kaiser Arena) with the general public Tecnico Adilson "Chick" aided and Zé Carlos Carlão, climbed: Chaka, Dilara, Altimar. Marquinhos and Everton, Douglas, Indio (Spock) and Diogo (Guila), Lindo (Romarinho) Dubar (Feint) and Gildo (Douglinhas).

Days after Botafogo would make General Final and faced the team of Hooligans Ferraz de Vasconcelos and won 2-1 (Goals Indio) with Arena with public good, the coach Adilson "Chick, aided by Zé Carlos and Carlão, climbed: Chaka, Dilara (Douglinhas) Altimar, Indio, and Everton, Douglas, Daniel and Diego (Guila), Lindo (Spock), Dubar (Romarinho) and Gildo (Tiagão).
                                Lance Match
                                   General Time Champion

Lua Luana
Lua Luana

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