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Since 1986, Botafogo abolished the elected positions of its board, ie no longer president, vice president, treasurer, etc., but a committee where everyone knows their role. Part of this new framework Botafogo: Itamar Jesus da Silva, Claudio Nogueira Luis Andrade, Edson de Castro, Adonijah Azevedo, Airton Oliveira, Jose Carlos de Lima, Mauricio de Oliveira, José Maurício de Souza, Zilmar (Cornmeal), Jair Vieira Tupi , Alberich (Becão) Adílson (Chick), Edson Gomes de Moraes, Edson Severino (menudo) José Paulino da Silva, Jurandir Devesa, Severo, Sr.Pedro, Josiah. Its Technical Committee is composed of: Adilson (Chick) Zé Carlos, Edson (Menudinho) and Zilmar (Cornmeal), Zeca, Nelson (main category) and Chico (Aspiring) under the supervision of Airton Sérgio de Oliveira, and Garrinchinha (Categories Base) with the Coordinating Jurandir Devesa and Severo.

The Club after much struggle consegiu acquire a new Head Office with help from Sponsors and Partners and with the help of supporters and fans. Thanks also to Mr. Leonel Godoy collaboration, which gave them the area in 2000 the club managed area to build your field and then the following year the City built the CEU Jambeiro, in which the club serves the population of the neighborhood and More than 800 boys its School Football Community. In the year 2011 (November) the Municipality of São Paulo, through the Department of Education made the deployment of Synthetic Lawn and lighting. In 2009, with the help of sponsors, supporters and fans, the club held another dream, acquired new HEADQUARTERS, with an area of ​​almost 240 square meters, on which to build a trophy room and large hall for events in the clubhouse , is filled with pictures and trophies that count its glories and achievements during these 57 years. Some of the players by the team revealed today Guaianases emerge in world football, or have gone through major national clubs, which proves that the floodplain is a big barn of aces. Botafogo playmaker shows that head was not made just to think. Gilson, who is currently in Greek football, Marcos Lima defended the FC Cartagena, Costa Rica; Edivaldo (Bia), Portuguese player of Santos, who starred in the Mug Club Atlético Nacional and Sao Paulo; Godói, former goalkeeper corinthiano; Aeneas Camargo, the regional champion Inter de Limeira, in 1986; Rubens Nicola who defended the colors of Corinthians, Botafogo-RJ and Colo Colo of Chile, Fernando Jacutinga, former Sao Paulo; Ubiraci, who played in the XV de Piracicaba November, Fluminense-RJ and Mexican soccer, goalkeeper Elisha who was Portuguese sports, besides Rubens and Pingo who played for Corinthians, are some examples. However, the lone star shines brighter Botafogo only hear the name of its most famous son: Benjamin Rogério de Oliveira, who works at KRC Genk, Belgium. The ace Revealed by Grêmio Botafogo Football Club, the Tournament of Champions in the Sports Gazette, the São Paulo Rogério de Oliveira Benjamin is now a player on the rise in Belgium. "I played for Botafogo of Guaianazes, my team's heart, and were champions in 1993. Was there that I began to appear," said former varzeano. The São Paulo Rogério de Oliveira Benjamin, now side KRC Genk, Belgium this time, Rogério aroused the interest of the Portuguese Sports and Grêmio Porto Alegre, but did not defend any of the two teams, "my pass belonged to Union Suzano and they would not release me. " Problems solved, Rogério idol is now in Belgium.

"My life took a turn. The 4th Division, I found a team of 1st and I just help the team win the Belgian Cup, a first for the club. Afterwards, you can not even walk down the street. Harassment is very large, "says the side KRC Genk. Happy Rogério concludes: "The conquest of the Belgian Cup and participation in the European Cup rather appreciated my pass."

Lua Luana
Lua Luana

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