Botafogo 1955
First team Botafogo Guaianazes posed for the photo of 1955. Standing: Matthew, Paulinho, hickey, Anthony Cavaquinho, Zé Maria and Carlos Magno. Cowering: Tuni, Raimundo, Dan, and Tonico Dengo.

Sunday football. Noonday sun, dirt field, most often bumpy, scoring handpainted. Josephs, Pedros, paulos, anonymous love with the ball, run from one side to the other, without fail, without losing heart, for the sole purpose of reaching the goal, and feel his modest but frenzied crowd vibrate. Sweat runs down his face. No money, salary or sponsorship. The uniforms are threadbare, his boots, worn. The amateur football is like this: moved only by love of the shirt.

Full of style, the players of the visual Botafogo capricham: The little cap on her head was fashionable at the time. Time of 1959. The right, Carioca, the supporter's oldest Botafogo.

When the final whistle sounded, the ball stops rolling, winners come out to celebrate their achievements. However, it is not hard to see among them those minutes ago, their opponents were playing. All together falling in samba, with plenty of beer and barbecue.

Friendlies, tournaments, festivals, cups or championships. A more organized, some less. Each with prizes and trophies, others just for the pleasure of playing. Ones that last only a day, a week, others long months. Football is varzeano in every corner, on every street corner, in the streets, in campinhos in stadiums.


Ginga and love for the ball are all good characteristics of Rio. Armond Admardo no exception: His passion for football did founding in April 5, 1955, Grêmio Botafogo Futebol Clube.

Thus, on April 5, 1955, came the Guild Botafogo Futebol Clube, of Guaianazes. Simple, pure and seemingly without major pretensions. Founded by a family of locals who moved to São Paulo, more precisely, by Armond Admardo.

Armond selected their kids, they are accompanied by their parents, were playing in fields adversaries. The players who formed the first team Botafogo were: Claudio Bichara, Ely, Orlando, Paul Armond, Moacir (Bimba), Ubiracir, Jurandir, Dan, hickey, Fernando, Mingo, Armando Armond, Nestor (Tuni). Its board of directors consisted of: Admardo Armond - president, Antonio Carlos Armond - sports director, Armond Admardo Junior - Secretary, Domingos Fernandes - Treasurer. At that time nobody talked about nepotism and Armond gave the letter and threw hand.

Today, 63 years later, Botafogo is a new club. Love the shirt continues unabated. The lone star still shining. Money, not much, but they already have some sponsors, varzeano rare thing in football.

However, what has changed most were his ambitions. The alvinegro of Guaianazes takes seriously all the championships in which it participates. Fight, fight, with guts and determination for victory. And managing to see! During those years, accumulated major titles, including the Bi-Champion Varzeano of São Paulo, the Paulista Football Federation.

Edson, director of Botafogo Guaianazes Gr.

Look Carioca here again! Beside him is Airton, Botafogo coach for over 30 years.

"The floodplain is the last bastion where there is still the love of football, where the fuel is passion for the ball," denounces Joseph Edson de Castro, director and supporter symbol of Botafogo.

The Guild Botafogo FC seizes this space to dedicate an honorable tribute to some of its illustrious supporters: Bimba (in memoriam), Crispin (in memoriam), Rasteirinha (in memoriam), Trololo (in memoriam), melon (in memoriam), Sr . Canarinho (in memoriam), Mr. Cabral (in memoriam), Mr. Gil Little Vixen (in memoriam), José Pedroso Son (Carioca), Moses, Zé Mário, Mauritius Pintado (Oz) and Fumio (Japanese player who wore the jersey Botafogo for 20 years).

Antônio Carlos Armond, filho de Admardo Armond. O herdeiro real do Botafogo não quis ficar com a coroa, afastou-se da equipe para montar um novo clube: O Brasil F.C.

José Pedroso Son, the Carioca. Years pass and he remains faithful to alvinegro of Guaianazes.

Botafogo has always been present on the lawns of the floodplain. This team of 65 consisted of: Pernambuco, Vava, Armando, Joe, Anthony, Tunico, Fan, Moacir, Olaf, Bino and Rubens.


Lua Luana
Lua Luana

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